1 piece Flex Hoof Boot W - without neoprene gaiters

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Flex Hoof Boot The Flex Hoof Boots are innovative hoof boots from Finland. They have been developed and tested by hoof trimmers. These tests were carried out under the toughest Finnish conditions, such as cold and rough terrain. The Flex Hoof Boots are easy to handle and very comfortable for the horse, they sit "second skin" on the hoof. This is possible because they take into account both the anatomy and the biomechanics of the hooves. Flexible adjustment system for many different hooves and legs Easy handling No Velcro fasteners or cables Flexible hoof boot Flex Hoof Boots ? "grow" with the hoof Easy care, TPU does not absorb water Comes with a soft, replaceable gaiter Fits many different hoof shapes The sole is made of thermoplastic urethane TPU and the top is made of polyurethane and Cordura The sole has prefabricated spots for studs.

The new Flex Boot Wide has the same sole width and length. It is therefore suitable for horses with a naturally round hoof.
The TPU gaiters, the neoprene gaiters and the fetlock straps of the Flex Boot Wide are the same as those of the Flex Hoof Boots. Nothing has changed here.

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