Barefoot® Lunging / Therapy Harness with Handle-Wide-Standard Reviews with

Barefoot® Lunging / Therapy Girth 'Save-My-Spine' with Handle



Almost all lunging, vaulting and therapy girths act like "nutcrackers" on the horse's withers, pressing laterally or from above on the spinous processes.

We have solved this problem: Under the Barefoot® lungeing girth the withers remain free, the spinous processes are neither pressed laterally nor from above. The supports on the left and right of the withers are softly padded and extra wide, so that the muscles can build up and are not squeezed.


The handle is anatomically shaped and fits securely even in small hands. This makes the girth an ideal training utensil for beginners and for therapeutic riding.
-girth without nutcracker effect
-with freedom of withers
-anatomical handhold
-for beginner training and therapy
-real leather, softly padded

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