CG hay net for small round bales - 1.40 x 1.40 x 1.60 - MW 45 mm Reviews with

Original CG box hay net for small round bales - 1.40 m x 1.40 m x height 1.60 m

Material thickness: 5 mm Mesh size: 45 mm or 60 mm Tip: Fasten the CG box hay net to the stable ceiling with a lashing strap or similar strong rope. With a pulley attached, you can easily re-tension it if the bale collapses. Are you looking for a box net in an individual size? Simply use our configurator here:


Note on use:

The round bale hay net is spread out and the bale is placed in the middle on the hay net.
Alternatively, you can simply put the net over the bale and then turn it over so that the bale is standing on the round bale hay net.


The net with the bale can then be placed in a rack, in a ring or on a pallet.


Now the net is taken off, which holds the hay together.


Then fasten the hay net, which has been pulled together at the top, to the roof of the hay rack or to a beam in the stable with a rope, so that the horses can still reach the hay when the bale has already been eaten up to a large extent. Then the horses don't have to work their way through so much hay net. This is also a protection against browsing.


As a great alternative, you can also thread a plastic water pipe through the lower edge of the net. The resulting round frame can easily be put over the hay net when the bale is to be placed in a rack. It is hardly possible for the horses to lift the frame completely to reach the hay under the hay net.

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