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Defense Concentrate is an alternative to conventional methods for repelling insects (such as ticks, mites). With its combination of defenses The essential oils are concentrated meets all the requirements for an alternative to conventional synthetic toxins. - protection against ticks and mites - easy to use - pure vegetable ingredients - Long-term protection The base stabilization is reached after 3 weeks of daily use, after a double application 1-2 a week is enough. uninvited visitors The horses are all summers for the grazing period regularly by ticks, mites, biting lice, the flies, mosquitoes, horseflies. prey. These uninvited guests bite into the skin of a Integrate, suck blood and itching cause. they transfer a serious illness or can reinforce this, as the disease itching Lyme or in part. Repellents common such as sprays, creams or bulbs almost all the disadvantages. Example, you can have too short of action or load the horse and his owner toxic useless. Warning: cdVet not apply in the eye area has increased the defense. Cineole content in the tea tree oil can cause eye irritation. repulsive Zusammensetzung: Melaleuca alternifolia oil, Simmo, Lavandula angustifolia oil, oil of Geranium Wirkstoff. Geraniol baua Reg Nr N-47639 Application Recommendation: Place 1 drop on your finger and rub both sides every day in the circumference area and inside the legs behind the ear and back in three weeks. The basis of the stabilization achieved in general a request of one is enough - 2 times a week. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Avoid eye contact!
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