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In case of abscesses and other injuries, the DAVIS patient shoe is an ideal protection.
It opens wide, is flexible and soft, making it suitable for quick and unproblematic donning and doffing. A sturdy sole gives the shoe durability.
With this shoe hooves can be soaked without problems (even with medication).  The shoe is closed very easily by a strap with buckle.
This shoe is also suitable as a protection for a hoof bandage.

By nature, horses need water not only to drink, but also on the hooves; and every day! Because of the conditions of keeping our horses can not stand daily to drink at lakes or streams also with the hooves in the water like wild horses, this triggers significant problems. Elasticity, abrasion, hardness and strength of the horn are determined by the moisture content of the environment, among other factors. Dry hooves have higher abrasion and by extension, the leaf horn dries out, leading to loose wall and other hoof diseases.

If you don't have a creek or similar nearby, the Easy Soaker is a great alternative because it can be used in the winter even when it is freezing. With the Davis Sick Shoe you can, for example, bathe the hooves for a good 20 min during concentrate feeding.  For inflammations and irritations we recommend our hoof bath from CD-Vet with horse chestnut!

Size - hoof width - hoof length
00 max 9,5cm - max 10,8cm
0 max 11,4cm - max 12,7cm
1 max 13,3cm - max 14,3cm
2 max 14,3cm - max 15,6cm
3 max 15,9cm - max 17,8cm
4 max 18,4cm - max 19,7cm
5 max 20,3cm - max 21,6cm
6 max 24,1cm - max 24,1cm

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