DAVIS - Soaking Shoe

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Easy to put on and off.

Hooves have a specified water balance and the moisture content depends on the moisture level of the surrounding. Elasticity, wear, firmness and strength of the hoof horn are determined next to other factors by this moisture content. In a dry climate or on dry ground hooves give off moisture. Under natural living conditions the loss of moisture is  restored by the regular visits at water holes or riversides. Under today’s coventional living conditions there is danger of drying out of the hooves which means: increased wearing of horn (i.e. moist wood is much harder to rasp than dry wood) or further hoof problems. If you have not the possibility to lead your horse to a close river daily, the DAVIS BOOT is a great alernative because the soakers can also be used in winter. The hooves can easily be bathed daily for example during the time the horse is eating ist portion of grains. 10 to 20 minutes should be a minimum. The DAVIS BOOT is also suitable for hoofbaths during a hoof abscess.

Size - Width of hoof - length of hoof
00 max   9,5cm - max 10,8cm
0   max 11,4cm - max 12,7cm
1   max 13,3cm - max 14,3cm
2   max 14,3cm - max 15,6cm
3   max 15,9cm - max 17,8cm
4   max 18,4cm - max 19,7cm
5   max 20,3cm - max 21,6cm
6   max 24,1cm - max 24,1cm

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