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Possibilities and limits of Effective Microorganisms,
Verlag Eifelkrone, 256 pages, many pictures from the field.



More microbes live in a handful of earth than there are people in the world. There, the microbes form the immune system of the plants. Without microbes, no life is possible. From a scientific point of view, they are the carriers of all life.
People have been using microbes for thousands of years to process food. Through treatment, these become durable and more valuable for nutrition. To date, however, microbes have not been conclusively researched by science, still less how they interact.
We are always fascinated by how often Effective Microorganisms change problems, solve them and inspire us to raise new questions, to rethink and to work out solutions with EM1.

With this handbook, Ernst Hammes and Gisela van den Höövel have compiled a practical guide to the use of Effective Microorganisms (EM) for household and garden.

Detailed instructions, tips, current experience reports and sources of supply give beginners an overview of the concept and the manifold application possibilities of EM. Those familiar with the subject will find many new ideas for integrating EM into everyday life.

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