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Water in the garden invigorates. Water calms. Water attracts life. For modern people, water and leisure belong together.
There are many reasons to bring water into the home environment. And one is enough: a pond in the garden is simply beautiful.
But nature on this earth functions according to the principle that all organic matter, plants and animals, comes into being and dies off again in an eternal cycle.
Dying does not mean the end. New plants and animals emerge from the dead organic material. However, it is unpleasant when dying organic material begins to rot. Especially in ponds and pools, this leads to undesirable phenomena such as turbidity of vision, heavy algae infestation, unpleasant odours and even the death of the plants, fish and animals living in the water.

The author, a former agricultural advisor, now working as a teacher and consultant for EM technology, has compiled his years of experience in dealing with garden ponds, swimming ponds and swimming pools to provide pond builders and owners with a guide for the construction or restoration of their water bodies. Follow him through the world of water in the garden! Use the logic of EM (Effective Microorganisms) to make the pond or even the swimming pool in your garden even more enjoyable.

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