EM and the cycle of life

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EM and the cycle of life
scientific, philosophical, logical;
with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Herman Schlagheck,
Verlag Eifelkrone, 48 pages, for those interested in natural science,
An ideal gift for physicians for humans or animals, alternative practitioners, physiologists, physiotherapists, biologists, physicists, chemists and natural science teachers



Many scientists' fear of derailing microbial biotopes inhibits research. Applied hygienists have long thought about using the presence of good microbes to take the place of potentially pathogenic germs. From this, completely different strategies for hygiene could be developed.
Biology has been teaching for about two decades that microbial conversion of organic matter is the basis of plant life.
This paper briefly describes findings from biology, physics and medicine for relevance to agriculture, hygiene and nutrition.

The product EM1, a lactic acid-accentuated microbial mix, has been used successfully in agricultural practice since 1982, originating in Japan, and is now used in over 120 countries around the world. It can be used to prevent rotting of organic matter in biological systems (soil, digestion, waste piles) at minimal cost. Desirable microbiotopes occupy the places that could be colonised by potentially pathogenic or putrefactive ones.

Any waste can thus become the basis of new life in the cycle of matter that has been functioning for billions of years on our beautiful blue planet.

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