EMIKO Bokashi HorseCare 4kg

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Bokashi for horses


So easy you can strengthen the defense of your horse sustainably!
'Bokashi' a Japanese term translated means 'fermented organic material'.
EMIKO® HorseCare supplement feed solid consists of fermented high-quality grain and valuable herbs.
Through the fermentation process which can be compared to the production of sauerkraut, the regenerative microorganisms produce various vitamins trace elements enzymes amino acids and antioxidants. These vital substances are contained in Bokashi and make EMIKO® HorseCare supplement feed solid a real power package for your horse!
As a feed supplement or as a 'snack' for in between meals, both the substances produced in Bokashi and the Effective Microorganisms act directly in the horse's digestive system.
Bokashi has a high antioxidant effect whereby free radicals in the body are rendered harmless. Antioxidant substances have a regenerative effect in the body and protect against cell damage.
In the intestine, Effective Microorganisms ensure a balanced intestinal bacterial flora. With a stable intestinal flora, the receptors in the intestinal wall are occupied by positively working Effective Microorganisms. This deprives pathogenic germs of their basis of life. Thus, the intestine and the immune system are strengthened.
You can simply feed EMIKO® HorseCare Supplementary Feed Solid together with the concentrated feed or as a small reward in between.
Large horse: Start feeding with approx. 50g over 5 days.
After that daily: mix 100-200g with the feed.
For smaller horses and ponies, adjust the amounts accordingly.
All EMIKO® HorseCare products contain valuable minerals based on EMIKO® salt. EMIKO® Salt is based on a recognized healing brine from Germany. This is extracted from a depth of 800 meters and is a valuable natural product. Healing brine has been stored at these depths for millions of years and naturally has high antioxidant powers. These are fully developed in the EMIKO® HorseCare feed supplement.

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