EMIKO HorseCare Stable Cleaner 10 litres

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Stable cleaner to spray for horse stables.
The germ is nothing, the environment is everything' (Bernard).
And we can influence the environment!

In the horse stable, harmful ammonia gases from urine not only pollute our noses, but also the health of our horses. In combination with moisture, ammonia gas forms a lye which attacks the skin and damages the lung tissue when inhaled. Even with regular mucking out, the concentration of the gas in the horse stable is still harmful to health. The alkaline environment of the resulting lye favours putrefactive pathogens, which in turn attack the hooves of our ponies and have an overall negative effect on the horse's metabolism. Putrefaction attracts flies, which populate the stable and become a burden for animals and humans.
EMIKO® Horsecare Stable Cleaner can sustainably improve the stable climate. The effective microorganisms contained in the product change the environment in the stable for the better, so that the 'good' microbes predominate and putrefaction, odours and ammonia gas are contained: The Effective Microorganisms feed on the harmful substances of animal excreta and destroy them. Thus, flies and other pests are not attracted by the absence of these decomposition processes and the stable remains fly-free.

The advantage of EMIKO® Horsecare Stable Cleaner over commercially available cleaning agents or disinfectants is that a balanced milieu of Effective Microorganisms is maintained. Here-comfortable products destroy the germs, but do not distinguish between 'good' (effective) and 'bad' (degenerative) microbes. The microorganisms are all damaged or destroyed, including those that counteract disease-causing germs. EMIKO® Horsecare Stable Cleaner maintains a population of microbes that prevent odours, fungi, dust and mould spores, thus creating a healthy stable climate.
So that there is no thick air in your horse stable:
EMIKO® Horsecare Stable Cleaner


-Eliminates urine odour and improves the stable climate
-Binds dust and ammonia gas to protect the respiratory tract
-Reduces fly infestation in the stable
-Promotes rapid composting of the horse manure
-Dissolves stubborn dirt deposits on walls and stable inventory
-protects skin and hooves
EMIKO® Horsecare Stable Cleaner can be easily sprayed in the stable with the backpack sprayer.
For basic cleaning of the stable:
EMIKO® Horsecare Stable Cleaner should be sprayed undiluted 1-2 times a year.
Subsequently, weekly or monthly cleaning (as required) can be carried out with a dilution of 1:10 parts water.
Paddocks, runs and riding arenas can also be treated with EMIKO® Horsecare Stable Cleaner. This way, odours disappear, dust is bound and the flooring stays clean and durable for longer. The environment and groundwater are also protected by the binding of the ammonia.


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