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NOW 2nd edition - with new photos, the open letter to the FN, FEI and the German Judges Association, as well as numerous textual revisions!


This book gives answers and provides arguments for "wrong" and "right" in riding. The title of the book "Finger in the Wound" is deliberately provocative, because the author Gerd Heuschmann - experienced specialist veterinarian for horses and horse trainer with a focus on riding - openly names the undesirable developments in competition and leisure riding. But the book is much more than a lament: Heuschmann uses anatomical and physiological principles and numerous photos to demonstrate how incorrect riding styles affect the horse's health. His detailed explanations make it comprehensible why it is worthwhile for every rider to train their horse according to the proven principles of genuine classical horsemanship: so that it remains healthy.

Hardcover, bound, 144 pages, 9 drawings, 49 color illustrations and photos from the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen.

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