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1-times 1 kg thyme

1 x 500 g Artemisia Annua

Minimise the risk of worms

Natural worm control?

These two herbs could help your horse get rid of these annoying parasites naturally.

Worms can be harmful to horses and lead to various health problems. Regular worming is therefore of great importance. However, more and more horse owners are looking for alternative methods to keep their four-legged friends healthy. The addition of Artemisia annua and thyme could be one such option.

Artemisia annua contains natural substances that can have an antiparasitic effect.

It is believed that this plant inhibits the reproduction of worms in the horse's intestines and thus contributes to natural control. It also supports the horse's immune system and promotes digestion.

Thyme is another herb that can help with worm control. It contains essential oils that can have an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Thyme can have a positive effect on the horse's intestinal flora, making it more difficult for worms to grow. It can strengthen the horse's defences.

Of course, thyme and Artemisia annua do not replace regular worming by veterinary products. However, they can be used as a supportive measure to reduce the risk of worms and promote the horse's general health and well-being.

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