Ostpreußen herbals from eastern germany

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Herbs for horses: Aromatic herb mix for immune system and bronchial tubes.

For strengthening the bronchial tubes and the immune system This aromatic mixture contains typical plants of the calcareous grasslands and juniper heaths. The combination of herbs balances nutrition-related metabolic disorders and helps to activate the body's own immune system, especially in the bronchial area.

Composition of the horse herbs: Sage St. John's wort Hawthorn Quender Origanum Common lady's mantle Volonium Juniper Centaury Mint Chamomile and blackthorn flowers Recommendation for use: Herbs should always enrich the feed. Depending on the size of the horse, mix one to three handfuls of PerNaturam Swabian Alb Mixture into the feed daily. It is even better if you feed the different PerNaturam mixtures alternately.

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