PERNATURAM Flora-Islandica high pasture for skin metabolism Reviews with

For a better metabolic function especially Icelandic horses.
Many valuable herbs lichens and mosses grow on the barren soils of Iceland. Above all, they help to significantly improve the metabolism of the skin and promote excretion through the kidneys. Flora islandica - Summer Pasture combines these herbs so important for the skin.

Honeysuckle Bedstraw Closing Grass Root Bladderwort Bog Birch Leaves Tinwort Lycopodium Icelandic Lichen Bearded Lichen Willowherb Clovewort Hawkweed and Mountain Lady's Mantle.

Feeding Recommendation:
Depending on the size of the horse, mix one to two handfuls of Flora islandica - Summer Pasture moistened daily into the feed. As needed, you can feed the islandica herbs alternately with different PerNaturam mixtures.

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