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Herbs for horses: Heparlind for activation of liver activity



3 kg

Liver herbs for horses contain aromatic herbs traditionally used to stimulate liver activity. Today, meadows and pastures are mostly species-poor monocultures. Therefore, nutritional disorders often occur due to grasses rich in protein and fructan. PerNaturam Heparlind Liver Herbs contain aromatic bitter herbs that stimulate the secretion of digestive juices improve liver metabolism and support the regeneration of liver cells.

Composition of horse herbs:
Artichoke leaves Rosemary needles Yarrow Dandelion herb with roots Hyssop.


Recommendation for use:
Depending on the size of the horse, mix 30 - 70g of liver herbs daily into the feed preferably moistened.

Feed PerNaturam liver herbs together or alternately with the kidney herbs for horses.

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