PERNATURAM Herbazem forte for a stable intestinal flora and vital skin Reviews with

Herbazem forte ensures a stable intestinal flora, vital skin and helps with cell regeneration. Most skin disorders are also caused by nutrition, e.g. itching, dandruff, sweet itch, mallenders. A poor coat change indicates a lack of nutrition. Mostly trace elements are missing or only inorganic ones are fed. This is very typical for Icelandic horses. Many horses also lack lecithin and silica and their digestion is not in order. Most horses can be helped, however, if the supply is optimised. In the case of the above-mentioned damages/problems, always think about the elimination with SilyCholin and Lüneburg herbs. The nutritional deficiencies are balanced by Herbazem Forte. The aromatic bitter herbs in Herbazem with their high content of choline betaine and biotin ensure a stable intestinal flora. The micronised seaweed provides all minerals and trace elements in a highly available form. The cells are better supplied, the skin is vitalised and new cell structures are built.

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