PERNATURAM Ortho-Perna-San for bones and joints Reviews with

Improvement of joint functions



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Ortho-Perna-San from PerNaturam contains 30% concentrate from the green-lipped South Sea mussel Perna canaliculus. Ortho-Perna-San strengthens the connective tissue and supports joint functions, especially under high stress and in older horses.

30% concentrate of green-lipped South Sea mussel Perna canaliculus gelatin rosehip ginger.
Harpagophytum (African devil's claw) meadowsweet and frankincense.

  Suggested Use:
 Give half to one measuring cup (6 ? 12 g) of Ortho-Perna-San by PerNaturam daily.


28 8 % crude protein 3 7 % crude fat 9 2 % crude fiber 18 5 % crude ash.


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