PERNATURAM bitter wormwood herb mixture for worm infestation for horses 1kg Reviews with

Composition of pungent and bitter substances aromatics and structures.
For a stable intestinal flora.


1 kg or 3 kg (see below).

The one-sided diet with protein-rich grasses and carbohydrate-rich grains agglutinates the intestinal mucous membranes and creates an environment in which parasites like to settle. The natural feed of horses has always included roots herbs leaves and fruits as contained in PerNaturam Wurmkräuter. PerNaturam worming herbs contain a natural composition of pungent and bitter substances, aromatic compounds and structures that support a stable intestinal flora and expel unwanted and parasitic individuals. This mixture, rich in structure and bases, improves the intestinal environment in favor of a healthy intestinal colonization.


Mugwort Rosehip seeds Coconut shavings Walnut leaves Radeless chamomile Horseradish.

Recommendation for use:

Depending on the size of the horse, mix 80 - 150g of PerNaturam Worming Herbs daily, preferably moistened, into the feed for one week. Repeat after a break of one week.

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