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Herbs for horses: spice and meadow herbs for an active metabolism and good digestion in horses.
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Composition of horse herbs:
Field horsetail Anise Arnica Birch leaves Speedwell Fennel Lady's mantle Rosehip Chamomile King candle Coriander Caraway Labwort Lime blossom Dandelion wild marjoram Mint Nettle Calendula Yarrow Ribwort Pansy Thyme Verbena Bird's knotweed Willowherb Hawthorn and lemon balm

Recommendation for use:
Herbs for horses should always enrich the feed. Mix one to three handfuls of Klostergarten daily into the feed, depending on the size of the horse. It is even better if you feed the different PerNaturam herb mixtures alternately.

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