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Herbs for horses: Herbal mixture East Prussian herbs -> Promotes protein digestion

Please select 1 kg or 3 kg units and add them to the shopping cart. (Larger containers on request) The PerNaturam East Prussia Herb Mixture consists of bitter-spicy herbs. They help to reduce nutritional surpluses of proteins and fructans and at the same time ensure better blood circulation to the skin and extremities.

Composition of the horse herbs: Caraway Meadowsweet Yarrow Buckwheat Water Vetch Parsnip Groundsel Tansy Blueberry leaves Deadnettle Laxew Fennel Knotweed and Coriander Recommendation for use: Herbs should always enrich the feed. Depending on the size of the horse, mix one to three handfuls of PerNaturam East Prussia Herbs into the feed every day. It is even better if you feed the different PerNaturam mixtures alternately.

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