The adventure rider: - from Tierra del Fuego to Mexico Reviews with

Wamser, Günter May 2007 - hardcover - 381 pages

In 11 years with dog and horses from Tierra del Fuego to Mexico.
2nd edition.
16 pictorial plates.

The Adventure Rider is a wonderful account of an unusual journey: a journey with horses over 20,000 kilometers through 12 countries. 11 years ago Günter Wamser traveled to Tierra del Fuego, the southern tip of Argentina, fascinated by the idea of riding to Alaska. Step by step, in time with the hooves, he wanted to experience the country and its people, to feel, see and smell nature, because in slowness - he realized - lies the density of experience.In his book, he tells, full of humor and emotion, of his extraordinary journey, which took him through the steppes of Patagonia, the inhospitable and fascinating mountain world of the Andes, the green forests of Bolivia, past the traces of the Incas in Peru and Ecuador and through the tropics of Central America to Mexico. On the road with horses, he reaches areas that no tourist ever reaches, regions where people are still friendly, open and helpful. Self-ironic and refreshingly direct, Günter Wamser tells of the touching experiences with his animals, of South American bureaucracy and corruption, of warm hospitality and of love and disappointment.

About the author
Günter Wamser, born in 1959, has dedicated his life to travel and adventure. The trained jet engine mechanic rode his motorcycle from Alaska to South America. He got to know Guatemala by horseback - and in 1994 started the journey of his life: crossing America by horse. In preparation, he hiked over 3300 km on foot through wintry Germany with his dog Falko. Currently, the globetrotter is riding through North America. His destination: Alaska.

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