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Verm-X Treats for your Dogs

The powerful and effective Verm-X blend of 11 herbs has introduced the first real alternative for animal owners wanting to naturally control internal parasites.

As a result of considerable market research in November 2005 we launched Verm-X functional treats for dogs. These have been manufactured by one of Europe’s leading pet food manufacturers ‘The Real Petfood Company’, incorporating Verm-X. The semi-moist 'biscuits' are designed to be fed daily providing your dog with the required amount of Verm-X as well as giving them a tasty treat enabling you to adopt the best care for your family pets.

Verm-X functional treats are made with only 100% natural ingredients. Included in the recipe are salmon and chicken, whey, rosemary, whole wheat and the all important Verm-X blend of eleven pure medicinal herbs.


Verm-X treats can be used for reward & training

Verm-X is ideal for per owners that wish to explore a natural way of repelling parasites

Verm-X is gentle on the digestive system

Verm-X is extremely palatable and has no known resistance

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