Verm-x / powder - nat. vermifuge for horses - 320 g Reviews with

Feeding recommendation for the Verm-X powder:

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Add 2 scoops (enclosed) per day (= 2 x approx. 8 g) to the feed on 5 consecutive days. Repeat this every 10-12 weeks. The daily amount can be given in one or two feedings. The annual requirement is therefore approx. 320-400g per horse.

For ponies under 113 cm, only half the amount of Verm-X should be added to the feed.

A measuring spoon is included in each package.

The powder is available in 3 pack sizes: a single pack, a four-pack and a six-pack in a fresh container.

How does Verm-X work?

Through the interaction of the various herbs of Verm-X, which all have an influence on the digestive system in their own special way, its milieu changes in such a way that internal parasites no longer want to and can settle. They are eliminated naturally. At the same time, the herbs have a positive overall effect on the digestive system. Intolerances are not known so far, as these are also natural remedies that have been available to animals for thousands of years.

Verm-X for horses is available both as a powder and as a liquid. Both forms are equally effective and offer correspondingly different forms of application that are individually tailored to the way of parasite defence that you have determined. The powder is administered every 3 months whereas the liquid version is administered every month for 3 days.
The Verm-X formula contains 11 different herbs that not only help control parasites but also cleanse the blood and care for the intestinal tract. According to many reports, horses that regularly receive Verm-X show a shinier coat and a healthier appearance.
If you want to do a worm check on your horse, you should do this not earlier than 21 days after giving Verm-X.

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